Bill Moran: 科学出版物及AAAS--助力中国高校引才服务

2016-11-10 Bill Moran

Founded by inventor Thomas Edison in 1880

A History of Excellence

Founded by inventor Thomas Edison in 1880

Published by AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science)

Groundbreaking research – human genome, HIV, special edition, protein dynamics, and others

High impact news – interviews with high profile politicians and researchers, and research funding budget analyses

A free print and online career resource for researchers that will guide you from your first job to your last

Updated with weekly articles

Science Career forum: a forum to ask questions regarding career advice

Job openings posted daily

Resource center with career development tools and booklets

Career Webinars

Over 1.5 million job searches

Programs include:

Science NetLinks – 400 free online science lessons for teachers

Kinetic City – award winning, innovative, online after-school club for kids ages 8 through 11

Project 2061 – variety of benchmark tools for teaching science

R&D Budget Analysis – analysis of the U.S. Federal R&D Budget by agency

Science & Technology Policy Fellowships – places Ph.D. level researchers in government

AAAS Human Rights Action Network – fighting for the protection of scientists worldwide

Focuses on how basic research knowledge can be applied to positively impact human health

Audience includes biologists, engineers, chemists, and physicians

Papers in the following subject areas will appear in Science Translational Medicine






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