Shenzhen University Recruitment of Principal Investigators for Its Newly Founded Institute for Advanced Study (IAS)

Shenzhen University Recruitment of Principal Investigators
for Its Newly Founded Institute for Advanced Study (IAS)

The Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) in the Shenzhen University is a newly established institution, consisting both undergraduate and postgraduate education and emphasizing on interdisciplinary teaching and research. The institute is a special academic zone inside the university but its operations and managements will follow the established rules and procedures used in most of the institutions in the world, independent of the current system in the university. The Institution is now recruiting its senior and junior principal investigators worldwide until all the following positions are filled.

I. Eligible applicants:

1. Positions:

4-8 tenured or tenure-tracked full professors;

6-12 tenure-tracked associate professors;

20-30 tenure-tracked assistant professors.

2. Areas (focusing on interdisciplinary education and research):

Applied Mathematics: Risk Management, Statistics, Computational Mathematics, Financial Mathematics etc.

Physics: Material Physics, Soft-Matter Physics, Physical Biology etc.;

Chemistry: Material Chemistry, Chemical Biology, Micromolecular Chemistry etc.;

Biology: Marine Biology, BioMedicine etc..

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II. Salaries/Benefits:

a) Salary of tenure-tracked assistant professors will start from US$60,000 per year, depending on individual qualifications. Please contact us for further information.

b) 2—5 million RMB start-up funds, depending on the applicants’ requirements and qualifications for the introduction policies of top talents in the University.

c) All the tenured or tenure-tracked faculty members will be and must be independent researcher. Research collaboration among members is encouraged. The institute will be governed by all the academic members by using the international standards.

d) The academic members in the institute will be assessed by a peer review system with an emphasis on the intellectual contributions other than only by publications.

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III. Application materials:

a) A research plan for the next 5—10 years, including specific problems, their importance, your novel approaches and ideas, the starting-up requirements and your past qualifications to solve these problems;

b) Three recommendation letters;

c) No more than five previous publications and/or patents with a description of your academic contributions in each of them;

d) Full CV with degree certifications.

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VI. How to contact us:

Do you like to become an independent principal investigator with a sufficient start-up research fund and work in a new institute that will emphasize intellectual contributions other than only publications in China? If yes, please submit the above application documents, and arrange your referrers to email their recommendation letters directly to the contact addresses as follows.

Mailing Address:

Dr. WEI Yang, Assistant to the Dean (Research)

Dean’s Office of the Institute for Advanced Study, Rm. 313, Administration Building

Shenzhen University

Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China


Tel: (86) 755-26001352




1. Please state your email topic as “Your Name+SZU-IAS-PI+Your Research Areas”

2. Please provide us all the necessary materials as stated above. Any incomplete applications may not be considered in the following selection process.

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